One Room Challenge – Week 3

It’s been a productive third week of the ORC. The walls are painted and we drafted the final plans for a bench, cubbies, and shelving. Yesterday I focused on painting everything including the trim which needed some TLC. Next up is getting wallpaper on the accent walls, ordering the light below, and figuring out fabric for a bench cushion. Below are my inspiration pics.

That said, I need help with pattern mixing. What type of pattern goes best with buffalo check? I’m thinking something red but unsure. I’d love some advice!


Vacation Interrupted

Today I’m feeling broken hearted.  I was recently at Disney World for a long overdue vacation.  Or so I thought.  It was the first time I went on vacation with my mother now that I’m an adult.  We were going to the Epcot Food & Wine Festival, which is amazing by the way, and I was looking forward to the trip for awhile.  Full disclaimer:  my husband and close friends ALL advised me not to take this trip with her.  Let’s just say my mother and I have a complicated relationship.

Our first full-day at Disney she started with her same old tricks.  It started with putting down my niece of all people, and when I explained I didn’t want to spend my vacation focused on negative things she quickly launched into resurrecting perceived wrong-doings dating back a decade or more.   Boundaries are foreign to my mother.  Digging up the past again and again and again is her favorite hobby.  Not how I wanted to spend my precious vacation time away from the kids and my husband.

I left on a plane the next day determined to use my vacation time in a way that recharges my batteries.  Needless to say I’m feeling all the feelings regarding what happened.  Today I needed to channel all those feelings into something positive so I made decent progress on the One Room Challenge (more to come tomorrow).  But in the back of my mind, while I was painting, I thought how grateful I am for my safe haven – my home.


Part of my interest in decorating and creating a welcoming home is rooted in the trauma of my childhood and young adulthood.  My childhood home wasn’t a place of respite or relaxation.  Constantly on edge over my mother’s outbursts and verbal tirades, I lived in anxiety.  All.  The.  Time.  I’m determined to not make those same mistakes for my children.  I want home to be where they run to when they need to feel loved and safe and comforted.  Just going into my childhood home, even as an adult, creates anxiety for me.  It’s a place of unbelievable pain, emotional abuse, and lost connections.  My prayer is I can reverse that cycle for my own family.


One Room Challenge – Week 2

Most of the items are cleared out of the closet and the shelves were removed.  This week I’m in the trenches of prepping the walls to be painted.  Not fun at all.  But it gives me time to think about what to do for the design of the faux mudroom.  The big decision I’m trying to make is whether to do wallpaper accent walls or perhaps try my hand at stenciling.  What do you think?  There are so many great removable wallpaper options these days that I wonder how easy it could/would be.  Below is what I’m thinking about but open to ideas/suggestions:

Target’s Peel & Stick Wallpaper


I want to go bold for the small amount of wall space in the closet turned faux mudroom.  Black and white packs a big punch in a small space, but I’m concerned the dimensions of the print will dwarf the already small space.  Another option I found on the site Walls Need Love.  The crispness of the blue & white is eye catching.

Walls Need Love – Blue Shapes



I already have a bench in the foyer that I’d like to move to the mudroom.  However, I’m not sure it’s quite big enough.  It depends on what I build out with shelves, etc.  It’s a classic piece that I can use in other parts of the house if not in the faux mudroom.  With three kids a 2-seat bench is probably asking for trouble, right?

Ballard Designs – Dorchester 2-Seat Bench


I’m about a week behind in the ORC so trying to catch up.  Next week I’ll be back with the painted and empty space.  Fingers crossed!



One Room Challenge – Closet Turned Mudroom

I’ve followed the One Room Challenge at Calling It Home for awhile, and even though I’m already behind I’ve decide to do this. It’s a great way to force me to actually finish a project. And with winter coming soon I need to get all the coats, shoes, and mittens from cluttering my foyer. My ORC is my embarrassingly messy foyer closet. Shield your eyes because the view is scary.

This closet if off the entrance from our garage but also in a teeny tiny hallway leading to our laundry room. All this to mean it’s a hot mess of doors. Whoever designed our house deserves a smack on the back of the head for this mistake. The poor design renders the space useless when my three kiddos are around. They smack doors into each other and inevitably fight over getting access to the space.

I’ve pulled the doors down and tomorrow I’ll show the latest progress. My concern is I don’t want it to be totally obvious this is a closet turned mudroom. Does that make sense? I’ve thought about knocking down one wall to open the space up, but my hubby wasn’t such a big fan. For now I’m going to work with what we have structurally but focus on making the space functional for our family.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with progress photos and inspiration photos. Let’s do this!


Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Real?

Today I’m going to get personal. Mostly because I’m at a loss for where to go or who can help. In the off chance one of my two readers (ha!) can relate or even point me in a direction, I’m going to put this out there.

I am exhausted.

I know, I know. So if every other parent or person from time to time. This, however, feels different. It’s the kind of exhaustion and fatigue where I can barely get out of bed. Not from sadness or depression, but more a heavy feeling like my mind and body are done moving. The worst part is I want to move. As a Type A woman, I thrive on checking things off my to-do list and accomplishing things. Imagine my dismay when all I want to do is sleep.

In the past year I’ve seen an endocrinologist, gynecologist, and my primary doctor to discuss this persistent and often debilitating fatigue. They tell me I’m likely depressed or need to lose a few pounds or take vitamins or get more sunlight. I’ve tried those “fixes” and it works for a bit before the next wave of fatigue hits. Mostly the debilitating fatigue affects me most after I’ve mentally or physically exerted myself. Hence, the episodes often start on Fridays. It’s as if my body makes it so far into the week before saying “Stacy, you have to rest.” I’m ok with rest until my body is telling me I need 72 hours of it.

If I’m being honest, this has been a struggle my whole life. I had mononucleosis in kindergarten. Who gets mono at age 6? Then I dealt with mono again in college and in my twenties. When I tell my primary drs this they insist mono only hits a person once. Um, no. I have the tests to prove it.

Recently I stumbled upon this article. And it scared the hell out of me. I read the article recognizing myself in the stories. Chronic fatigue syndrome? Is it real? Is the fatigue in my head? And more importantly, who do I go see to help me? All I know is I don’t want to keep living like this fearing this fatigue. It’s like hitting a wall at 90mph, and the impact is hard on my family and me.