MIA Until Now

Well, blogging has been on the back burner since my first post.  Sick kids, work and home obligations, you name it – it’s taken up any and all free-time.  While it would be easy to throw my hands up in the air and say I just don’t have time for this, I won’t do it. I need a corner of the world just for me right now.  So here we go.  Again.

Ginger jar from One Kings Lane

I’m a bit late on the ginger jar trend but am fully on-board now.  Blue and white are timeless, classic colors that complement must color palettes.  Plus the unique shape of the jar adds visual interest to a mantel or side table display.  One Kings Lane is a favorite rabbit hole to fall into when I want to peruse pretty home goods.  While my home isn’t quite as sophisticated as some of their examples (hello, 3 small kiddos!), I’ve spent my fair share of time drooling over these beautiful ginger jar displays.

Another recent addition to my living room are new drapes.  When we first moved in, I decided to get on-board with the light and airy trend.  Cream colored Pottery Barn drapes went up on all three windows and our french doors.  And.  I.  Hated.  Them.  With our sage green walls, it just didn’t work.  The space felt blah and uninteresting.  While I love neutral palettes in other people’s homes, I prefer a colorful space in my own.  I owned my preference for colors that pop and stumbled upon perfect-for-me drapes from World Market.  Excuse the out-of-focus, poor quality photo.  I need to work on getting better ones soon.

Pop of corals and reds

Those are some of the small additions that have made a big difference in our living room.  Piece by piece I’m slowly getting it done.  Instead of focusing on everything at once, I’ve decided to finish the living room before moving onto my next project – our foyer and stairwell.  Have a great weekend!


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