Blogging is Hard

Another month passes and more radio silence on the blog.  The mind-blowing title of this post is a good indication of where my mind is these days.  Vacation and surgery (more on that another day) delayed blogging, but the truth is I continue to be intimidated by it.  Perfectly staged photos?  Having it all together all the time?  Worse yet, selfies?!?!  So let’s throw all the self-consciousness out the window and go from there.

I refuse to post selfie after selfie.  Mostly because I don’t think anyone ever took a good selfie.  It’s just not a flattering angle in my humble opinion.  But I figured I should at least personalize the blog enough so you know who’s on the other end.  There is a human writing this and not a robot!  Yeah!  If you want to see who the non-robot is, then hit up Instagram.

I have several projects in motion right now.  The first of which I’m insanely excited about  – barrel cane chair makeovers.  Craigslist has never been a friend of mine until last week.  I scored two barrel cane chairs in amazing shape.  The only problem is I’m indecisive about what to do with them.  Pictures and ideas coming tomorrow – I promise!


3 thoughts on “Blogging is Hard

  1. I landed on your blog because of the title of this post haha – I definitely agree, blogging is hard. I just started mine last month and am still learning every day. Can’t wait to see what you do with those chairs 😉


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