Five on Friday

Joining one of my favorite bloggers, Carolina Charm, in a Five on Friday post.  Thought it might help not overthink these posts two much.  I can handle a list of 5 things!

ONE.  Barrel cane chair – Last weekend I scored this chair for $45 off Craigslist.  It’s in excellent condition, and honestly the yellow kind of works in my living room.  But I’m planning to redo it anyways with new fabric and maybe paint.  This photo from the little black door blog caught my eye.  Going bold with a fun fabric is eye catching.

cane chair redo

TWO.  Fruit tart – For teacher appreciation week I made a fruit tart from scratch.  I’m not typically not a from-scratch kinda gal, but this time I went for it.  Admittedly, it wasn’t all that hard.  All-in-all the tart looked amazing.  I’m thinking about making another for the family so I can actually taste a piece.




THREE.  Ottoman problems – We closed on our house a year ago, and I’m still not unpacked (gasp!) or fully decorated.  I bought this ottoman off Target’s website in a moment of desperation.  Our family needed a table or something to use in the living room.  With my three monkeys (read: kids), I didn’t want to go with the sharp edges of a table.  But now I’m unsure if I like it as much in my house as online.  The grey with the brown is questionable.  First world problems, I tell ya.



FOUR.  Cool towel – One of the bad things about taking a May vacation is your fun vacation is done at the start of summer.  Watching friends leave for the beach has me reminiscing about the fun we had at Disney.  Then I remember the heat while pushing a double stroller around all day.  This towel was a lifesaver in the Florida heat.


cool towel

FIVE.  Strawberry picking – Strawberry season is in full swing here in the Midwest, and my girls love eating them.  Tomorrow, if I can get everyone up and organized, I plan to take the kids strawberry picking at a local farm.

Have a great weekend!



fof 5

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