Healthyish Eating – Smoothies

While I like to shop, I’m not one to splurge on kitchen appliances.  Quite frankly, I hate spending a lot of money on something I might use a couple times a year.  I’m talking about you, Mr. Food Processor.  The fact I splurged on a Vitamix Blender means I’ve either lost my mind or I’m desperate.  It is must certainly the latter.

My oldest struggles with food restrictive behavior which is a fancy way of saying an extreme unwillingness to eat non-preferred foods.  When other people hear he’s a picky eater they smile and say he’ll grow out of it.  Yeah, that ‘aint happening.  He’s been in treatment for it, and while we’ve made small strides his main diet continues to be peanut butter and crackers.  That is not the diet of champions, I tell you, as it creates a whole host of other problems for your digestive system.

That’s where this extremely expensive blender comes into the picture.  I’ve toyed with buying one for awhile but just couldn’t pull the trigger.  The price seemed excessive especially since I’ve never had a blender I thought was worth $500 or more.  The overwhelmingly positive reviews out there coupled with the option to buy a reconditioned model (read: less money!) convinced me to just do it.  I present to you my Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend, 2-Speed“.  I went with a very basic model since I’m new to the expensive blender world.  It has 2-speeds which is all I need.

The first shake out the gate was a chocolate peanut butter concoction my girls loved and my son (the picky eater) turned his nose on.  I may or may not have snuck a banana into it for good measure.  Now that I’ve spent allllll this money on a high-end blender, I have to get my son to actually eat something I make.  Looking for smoothie ideas that are popular with grown-ups and kids!


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