Five on Friday

I’m wrapping up the work week on a high after an epic night away from the kiddos.  It’s amazing how refreshing and simultaneously tiring a night away can be as parents.

ONE.  U2’s Joshua Tree Tour.  We saw U2 in concert not just from any seat but from the front row.  Bono and the boys put on an amazing show and seeing it up close was a long-term bucket list item I can now check off.  We loved the show so much we booked tickets to their Indianapolis show in September.  Needless to say, I’m a big fan.


Photo credit:  Rebecca Droke @ Pittsburgh Gazette

TWO.  My next big home renovation was supposed to be our basement bar area.  Over the last few months I’ve been getting quotes and talking to contractors.  Well, that came to a screeching halt when our deck started falling apart.  When we bought the house we knew there were issues with it but hoped it would make it more than one-year.  Now I’m talking to contractors about tearing down the eye-sore and coming up with some new design options.  I’m thinking something low maintenance like a covered stone patio.  It would be nice to have a space that’s usable in the spring, summer and fall.


Photo credit:  Two Brothers Brick Paving 

THREE.  I’m one of the last women to read this book, but I just started it and fell in love.  If it wasn’t for the fact I’m exhausted, I’d stay up late into the night finishing it.  I want to watch the HBO series but before I do I’ll finish the book.  For some reason, I hate reading the book after seeing the movie first.  I’m excited to see where this book ends.  The suspense is killing me!

FOUR.  Jenny’s Brown Butter Almond Brittle is life changing ice cream.  I know what you’re thinking.  Life changing ice cream?  Is that a thing?  When people raved about Jeni’s I used to roll my eyes.  There’s just no way ice cream that costs $9/pint is that good, I thought.  I’m here to tell you I was wrong.  It was worth every dollar.  As a butter pecan lover, I’m amazed at how buttery Jeni’s is and had just the right amount of sweetness.  Life changing, I tell ya!


FIVE.   We’re celebrating a big birthday this weekend.  My husband had one of those milestone birthdays that’s somewhat painful.  It’s bringing up a lot of mixed emotions for him so we plan to have a celebration he’ll truly love.  Hope you have a weekend filled with family, friends, and sun!


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