Women & Self-care


Earlier this week I had a moment of self-induced shame.  Women in a moms-of-multiples FB group I follow were discussing postpartum weight loss.  Unlike me these were relatively new moms venting about how hard it can be to lose the baby weight.  I chimed in that I’m 4-years postpartum and not only haven’t I lost the weight but I actually gained some.  Not a proud moment.

I’ve kick-started my weight loss countless times the last 4 years.  From Weight Watchers to yoga to hiring a trainer to using MyFitnessPal, I’ve tried different things.  Yet here I am today – sick and tired of being uncomfortable in my own skin.  Besides vanity reasons, I notice very real health issues from being 35-40 lbs overweight.  Low energy levels plague me each and every day.  At the end of the day, after taking care of everything and everyone but my own needs, I simply want to crash.

While not a ‘style’ issue per se, I’m going to try to use the blog for accountability.  Every week I’ll check-in with what weight was lost, what worked well, what didn’t work so well, and how I’m feeling.

Weight loss:  0 lbs

Good:  Recognizing (again!) that something has to change

Bad:  Recognizing I’m at the same weight I was at delivery of my first child (sigh…)

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