Channeling Dory – Just Keep Swimming

This summer has certainly been a bit of a downer for my personal health.  Last week I had my second surgery of the summer and was diagnosed with a third chronic, yet related, illness that I’ll deal with the rest of my life.  While it wasn’t a shock, it still just stinks.  It’s humbling when you realize certain things in life are far outside your control.


While I’ve been recovering I caught up on some favorite TV shows and books.  I binged Big Little Lies:Season 1 (2017) and Divorce on HBO.  Both are dark, funny, and witty.  I’ll always love some SJP, too.  It took me a bit to really get into DIVORCE S1 (2016) but by the end I was hooked.  SJP’s character is the antithesis of Carrie as she’s devoted her life as the family’s main breadwinner.  Her life in Divorce is neither enviable or sexy to be honest.  What it lacks in glossy sex appeal it has in rawness and realness.

The downtime also enabled me to actually finish a book for once.  I cannot recommend A Hundred Summers enough.  It’s set in the 1930’s and involves a rather complicated set of love stories.  I wouldn’t classify it as chic lit as it weaves complex characters and captures some of the cultural dynamics of the 1930s without being too focused on history.  For some reason, I find books set in the 1800s and early 1900s to be fascinating.  If you’re into that sort of thing, then you’ll enjoy this book, too.

And, of course, I spent a fair amount of time on my iPad scrolling through blogs.  Some new-to-me blogs I discovered and fell in love with are:

http://www.franishtheblog.com/   – Ok, I really like this blog.  Finally a typical sized woman blogging about clothing!!!!  As a fellow size 10, I enjoyed the way she shared the trials and tribulations of dressing in a world that loves size 0s.  To top that off, she’s also smart and graduated med school.

http://lagliv.blogspot.com/   – A working mom who’s a lawyer by day and juggles a ton with kids, working out, normal responsibilities like cooking, etc.  I found her extremely relatable as she chronicled everything from law school to childbirth to in-law issues.

http://www.themoneyhabit.org/  – I stumbled upon this blog thru the click-bait CNN article on the author retiring at 28 years old with $2M.  Um, yeah.  That got my attention.  Her blog got my mind thinking about ways we can trim the fat in our budget.  I’m a proponent of women taking control of their own finances at any age.

Keep swimming and have a great weekend!


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