Is Blogging About Real Life Possible?

Something has been on my mind lately especially as I try to jump-start this little blog.  By day I'm a project manager, and I started thinking about this blog with my PM hat on.  Why is this helpful, you ask?  Well, without a clear vision and objectives I worry I veer into unwanted territory.  What is this unwanted territory?  At its core it’s me trying to be something I’m not and looks a little like this:
Excessive selfies
Excessive affiliate links
Non-stop consumerism
Picture perfect images
Now I understand there are countless successful blogs who incorporate those characteristics into each and every post.  Wonderful!  I believe they fill a need that clearly exists for readers otherwise they wouldn’t be so popular.  I just can’t fit that mold.  Here comes the raw ugly truth.
Part of why I’ve been so, so, so, so slow to get moving with posts is this overwhelming feeling of “it’s not good enough.”  What I have to offer isn’t glossy images of a picture perfect life.  Trust me, I love scrolling through Instagram to see some of the beautiful displays of flowers, food, and fashion.  But.  And this is a big but. 

My life doesn’t look like an Instagram pic. 
My life is genuinely messy working full-time, managing three toddlers, maintaining a house, and just surviving each day.  I had a painful realization the other day.  I’m not what women aspire to be when they click through Instagram or flock to a blog.  That alone is a powerful statement and realization.  I feel like the before photo in one of those makeover shows.  I say that not as a woe-is-me moment but more of a valuable ‘ah-ha’ moment. 
What do thirty-something women aspire to be these days? Do we want to live glossy, picture perfect lives? Do we benefit from reading blogs that reflect perfectly curated and staged days-in-the-life? Is it possible to succeed as a blogger that doesn't follow that model?

Is blogging about real life even possible?

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