Save Not Spend – PB Kids Adirondack Chairs

Maybe it’s back-to-school season, but I’m suddenly knocking things off my to-do list left and right.  Next up are these Pottery Barn Kids wooden adirondack chairs I scored off Craigslist.  Sometimes Craigslist is hit-or-miss but in this instance it was a HIT.  Now the chairs didn’t look like this when I bought them.  They were in excellent shape; however, the previous owner told me to not leave them in the rain.  Ahem, I’ll let you piece together what happened.

In an attempt to salvage these beauties, I tried my hand at spray paint.  I wanted this project to be quick and dirty.  No extra step with priming please!  Valspar’s Color Radiance paint and primer fit the bill.  After a bit of sanding, I was ready to get started.  At first I was skeptical until I started spraying.  Then I was in love.



In Progress


Since our twins were newborns we’ve color coded everything pink and purple.  Fast forward four year, and they’re requesting pink and purple items.  Parenting win or brainwashing, I’ll let you be the judge.  In any event, I didn’t want bright neon colors so went with Rosy Cheeks & Lavender Lake.  Looking at these colors online they look so bright, but in reality they’re a lovely muted pastel.  I ran out of the Rosy Cheeks color quicker and need to pick up more to do one final coat.  It doesn’t need it, but I’m picky and missed a few spots.

Time to find my next project with this paint.  I’m thinking those barrel cane chairs I’ve been putting off.  Happy Monday!

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