Back-to-School Organization

Now that I have one child in big kid school, I’m realizing I need to get more organized. Folder, papers, permission slips, library books, book bags, lunch boxes, snacks, uniform days, spirit days, casual days, volunteer days.  Yikes.  After forgetting what my son should wear to school for the, um, third time in only 2.5 weeks I had an epiphany.  I need to come up with a system.  It’s certainly not the end of the world if my son wears his uniform on a casual day, but if I’m forgetting stuff like that then what else am I forgetting?


This weekend I’m going to take 5 small steps to reign in the chaos.  I’m hopeful this will hold me accountable to actually get ‘er done.  Photos coming once I’m done!

  1.  Large Wall Calendar – seems obvious, no?  Well, I’m currently lacking any visible calendar.  When things get extra crazy I prefer to see things visually versus tapping on my iCal to frantically find something.  I’d like to do a chalkboard calendar but my kitchen is oddly shaped with no sizable wall to hang one.
  2.  Sync Calendars – I need to dedicate a time each week to sync two different school calendars, two work calendars, & family calendars.  Putting this info in iCal, paper planners, & my work calendar doesn’t help.  Inevitably I didn’t sync them all and forget to look at the right calendar.
  3.  Inbox – the afternoon chaos is information overload.  All 3 kids come home and start dumping papers and folders and shoving projects in my face.  All.  At.  Once.  I’m happy the kids are so excited to share their days with me, but they take over my kitchen with all the paper.  It’s time to start corralling the chaos in something accessible to the kids where they can drop their papers, folders, etc.
  4.  Kid Friendly To-Do List – early mornings and tired little kids don’t make for a fun morning.  I’m constantly nagging them “did you do XYZ?”  They forget to brush their teeth or put their lunch in the book-bag.  It makes for cranky kids and parents.  Since kids are also visual I’m going to make a simple to-do list to check each morning.  Hoping this will help end the nagging, fighting, and moaning.
  5. Kid’s Uniforms – it’s so nice that all 3 kids are in uniforms this year.  But the way I’ve organizing their closets and dressers makes it hard for them to get all the pieces together on their own.  I tend to baby my kids more than I should at this age.  It’s time to make all the components of their uniforms accessible to promote independence.


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