Minimalist Challenge – One Room at a Time

A fellow mom-of-twins, who also struggles to reign in the chaos, keeps recommending another blogger focused on minimalism. Admittedly, I’ve somewhat scoffed at the idea because, well, I like stuff. I don’t want to live life with one pair of pants or never buying what I need. That’s the superficial thought process I’d go through each time.

Slowly my mind shifted towards the possibility that, yes, I may be the cause of my own clutter and anxiety over said clutter. I looked around my house one day, with that tight feeling of anxiety in my chest, realizing that since we moved to a house 2x the size of our last that we’ve succeeded in filling it up. Instead of having more breathing room and space to relax, I only filled the extra space with more stuff. It was a valuable ‘ah ha’ moment for me.

Rose Lounsbury, the blogger I mentioned, released her first e-book just as my ah-ha moment happened. I need help, I thought as I clicked purchase. I’m only partway through her e-book, Less: Minimalism, For Real, and it’s already inspired serious self-reflection and action. Rose is also a mom-of-multiples (triplets, no less!) and she talks about wasting away her valuable downtime after the kids were in bed with draining tasks like cleaning, tidying, and rearranging all the stuff. This accumulations of stuff is so mind numbing that the word is a negative four-letter word in my mind.

It’s not possible to tackle the whole house at once, but I’m determined to commit to thirty days of going through each room of the house and getting rid of what we don’t need or use. What better time to do that than before the holidays? Check out Rose’s book and join me in this 30-day challenge.

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