Day Designer – A Planner That Fits My Needs

Since getting organized is a running theme lately, I decided to try to utilize a paper planner again.  Years ago I bought the full size Day Designer and while I loved it I found it didn’t work for my life.  With working full time and sometimes traveling for work, I need a planner that’s portable.  The full size Day Designer was a beast to carry along with a laptop and normal purse contents.  I’ve had my eye on the mini version of the DD and jumped on it when they ran a sale last week.  

Here is the tile blue planner

The color and pattern just makes me happy.  Deep, I know.  If I’m going to use something daily it may as well be pretty.  The mini size is a perfect fit for my life.  I’ve carried it to work with my laptop without breaking my back.  

My work and home schedule is crazy this fall.  Traveling for work on the weekends (the worst!) is getting in the way of my many projects.  I plan to leverage the DD to keep myself on track with workouts, meals, and to-do lists.  Let’s see how long that lasts.

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