One Room Challenge – Closet Turned Mudroom

I’ve followed the One Room Challenge at Calling It Home for awhile, and even though I’m already behind I’ve decide to do this. It’s a great way to force me to actually finish a project. And with winter coming soon I need to get all the coats, shoes, and mittens from cluttering my foyer. My ORC is my embarrassingly messy foyer closet. Shield your eyes because the view is scary.

This closet if off the entrance from our garage but also in a teeny tiny hallway leading to our laundry room. All this to mean it’s a hot mess of doors. Whoever designed our house deserves a smack on the back of the head for this mistake. The poor design renders the space useless when my three kiddos are around. They smack doors into each other and inevitably fight over getting access to the space.

I’ve pulled the doors down and tomorrow I’ll show the latest progress. My concern is I don’t want it to be totally obvious this is a closet turned mudroom. Does that make sense? I’ve thought about knocking down one wall to open the space up, but my hubby wasn’t such a big fan. For now I’m going to work with what we have structurally but focus on making the space functional for our family.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with progress photos and inspiration photos. Let’s do this!

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