Stair Runner Inspiration

When we moved into our home the first thing I did was rip out the floors on the main level and stairs. While I love our new hardwood floors, I don’t love how slippery the stairs can be for our children and dog. We survived last winter navigating the stairs in socks, but it’s time to address the problem. It’s time for a stair runner.

Besides the practicality and safety of a runner, I’d also like to add color and a focal point for our foyer. Now the hard part is deciding which color/pattern to choose. I’ve been reading about different fabric options and installation techniques. Please check out my Pinterest Board to follow along with my brainstorming. I keep coming back to Dash and Albert for their amazing options. I mean, look at some of these beauties.

For some reason I’m drawn to shades of red for the stair runner. Red is a classic color, right? I wonder if I’d grow tired of it. As you can tell, I struggle with these decisions that aren’t easily undone. Then again I also like the more classic neutral look. The herringbone design below is neutral enough to go with anything. What do you think? Go bold or stick with classic?

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