One Room Challenge – Week 6


Well, this is the point where I’m mildly panicking I won’t finish my first ORC.  Eeeeek!  We’ve made some amazing progress, especially the husband’s contribution with the woodworking, but I’m still behind.  Last week I skipped an update due to just not wanting to turn on computer.  Truth.  But this week I’m back with a sneak peek of the big reveal.


We installed the molding, finished painting, and wrapped up the wallpaper installation.  If you take anything away from this project, I hope it’s this – removable wallpaper is AMAZING.  Trust me, I was a non-believer.  I planned on trying the removable wallpaper but in the back of my mind I was prepared for it not to work.  I am as shocked as anyone that I fell in love with it!

It was so easy to install even with three kids running around.  I didn’t buy a fancy tool to smooth it out and just used my hands.  A few times I had to remove it and re-position the wallpaper with no issues.  I worried it would rip or get tangled up – no problems at all.  I went with the wallpaper below from Target because, hello, who doesn’t love Target?!  It only took one roll of paper to do the entire project.  At $29.99 a roll that’s an impressive return on investment considering how much it makes the faux mudroom pop.  The only negative to using the wallpaper?  I now want to put wallpaper on everything.

50730449_Alt01Devine Color Speckled Dot Peel & Stick Wallpaper

I’m excited for next week’s big reveal.  Fingers (and toes!) crossed I pull off the big finish in time.  Happy Thursday!

5 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – Week 6

  1. Love the wallpaper you used!;) I chose that one for my challenge room as well! We have such good taste;) Good luck pushing through the final week! Best, Kelly


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