My Cup Runneth Over

Gosh, after the One Room Challenge I crashed and burned.  Everything at home/work/school/family converged at once.  I’ve been feverishly paddling while trying to appear calm above water.  Throw in the holidays, and I’m officially in a holidaze.  So.  Very.  Tired.

This time of year is often tough.  For many people, myself included, it can bring up old wounds and, quite frankly, feelings of inadequacy.  Coupled with how happy we should feel it can be downright mentally exhausting.  I’m keenly aware of it this Christmas season, and trying hard to focus on what does feel good versus what should feel good.


Things that make me feel good include playing with my kids, baking holiday treats, and reading a book in my coziest chair by the Christmas tree.  Simple, no cost, things that cause my cup to runneth over.  I’ve intentionally said ‘no’ to the people and get-togethers that simply drain me.  It’s hard to do when it involves family or friends.  Those are the ‘no’s’ that test you and push your boundaries.

If you’re reading this today, I hope your cup runneth over with the things that fill your heart; however you define that for yourself.  No judgement.  No drama.  Just peace.

Happy Holidays, my friends.


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