Working Motherhood

Unfulfilled at Work

Something shifted within my professional life the last few months. Or maybe the last few years if I’m honest with myself.  What once was a mostly fulfilling aspect of my life is now fraught with boredom and an overwhelming feeling of being stuck.  Trapped.  With no end in sight.  I’ve talked to mentors, colleagues, and friends about my predicament and all offered good bits of advice – specific steps I could and should take to advance my career.  Sound advice that makes total sense to the logical side of my brain.  Yet I remain stuck.  I can’t bring myself to take those steps because I’m wrestling with a feeling that this isn’t what I’m meant to do with my life.  I know.  Seriously, a feeling?  The logical side of my brain cringes at the idea of making career decisions based on a feeling of all things.  But what happens when you realize you don’t want any of the jobs you should take?  Qualified or not, I find myself not even being interested.

What I do know is the lack of fulfillment at work is negatively impacting every aspect of my being.  I’m lazier, less motivated, and downright crabby when not getting what I need out of my career.  Monday to Friday I spend the vast majority of my life at work.  When that’s not a positive experience, it’s going to trickle into my home and personal life.  Today I drove home from work wondering how the hell this happened to my life.  And better yet, how am I going to turn it around?



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