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Charm at the Farm Review

I’ve never been so glad for Monday to arrive.  If that’s not a sign of how the weekend went, I don’t know what is.  One of my kiddos is battling an upper respiratory infection requiring breathing treatments every 2-3 hours.  Around.  The.  Clock.  Since my husband was out of town, I was up with her all night.  She’s still not 100%, and we’re taking her back in to see if this turned in pneumonia.  All this to say, I was not productive on the home project front.  But today I’m going to catch up several weeks to talk about Charm at the Farm and the amazing shops I found.

Charm at the Farm is an open air market north of Cincinnati.  They hold the market a few times a year with vendors selling a wide variety of items.  Everything from farmhouse chic home decor to artwork to clothing to furniture to fashion accessories.  There’s also food trucks selling the ever important coffee, muffins, and lunch items.  The fall market fell on a weekend of cold, rainy weather.  I almost backed out on going but happy I didn’t as I found a ton of holiday items.  Since it is held on a real farm (read: wear boots if rainy) you need to dress appropriately.  Ok, onto the fun stuff.

Emily June Handmade

I found this Ohio embroidery kit at her booth and fell in love.  I’ve wanted to work on my embroidery skills but more complicated projects intimidate me.  Emily June Handmade’s kits are great for beginners looking to try out a new skill without committing to a larger project.  She also has an Etsy shop linked above.


Cotton Blossom Exchange

Hands down, this is my favorite booth at Charm at the Farm.  I pretty much wanted to buy one of everything.  They carry farmhouse, French style, and industrial chic home decor.  It sounds like an odd combo now that I type it out, but trust me, it just works.  Also, the ladies who work the booth are amazingly friendly and helpful.  They were standing out in the cold & rain for hours but their customer service was still top-notch.  I came home with this LED lantern for one of my bookcases.  Tell me this isn’t adorable!


Cottom Blossom Exchange’s holiday decor was on point, too.  I came home with several goodies to freshen up my Christmas decor.  These wooden Christmas trees are versatile and neutral enough to incorporate into a variety of color schemes.


Photo credit: Cotton Blossom Exchange

A friend and I both came home with these cute keys for Santa.  I’m planning to have our Elf on a Shelf deliver these before Christmas.  It’s fun for kids who are still at the age they believe in the magic.  Once they’re grown I can easily turn the key into a Christmas ornament, too.


Photo credit:  Cotton Blossom Exchange

I also came home with an LED Christmas tree lantern but don’t see it on their site.  It must be sold out.  I’ll show you how I incorporate it into my holiday decor in a few weeks.  If you’re in driving distance to Cincinnati I highly suggest Charm at the Farm for shopping for unique items while also supporting small businesses.

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Ballard Designs Chandelier

Happy Monday!  It’s a dreary, rainy day here in the Midwest.  It’s no secret I love Ballard Designs.  One of the benefits of living where I do is there’s a Ballard Designs outlet within driving distance.  I’ve been known to spend a great deal of time perusing their aisles.  I’ll also let you in on a little secret – if there’s a specific piece you’re looking for they’ll put you on a waitlist and call when it comes into the outlet.  Thanks to their amazing customer service I’ve saved a dollar or two on some good deals.

When we moved into our house this light fixture is the first one I knew had to go.  It was too cluttered and a major dust magnet.  Moreover, it wasn’t the style I wanted for my office.  These pictures don’t do it’s ugliness justice.


Unfortunately I spent a year searching for just the right light fixture.  If I’m going to spend the money then I want to be certain.  Here’s where Ballard Designs comes in.  I found the perfect fixture in their catalog.  Take a look at their bamboo 6-light chandelier.  It was on back-order for months, which meant there was little chance of finding it at the outlet, and I’d need to practice serious patience.  It was worth it.

T_WithoutZoom (1).jpeg





Now I’ll be honest in that it was a bleeeeep to hang up.  Due to the size its rather heavy, and I’ve never wired a chandelier to the ceiling before.  My husband and I definitely broke a sweat and maybe uttered a four-letter word or two.  Every time I see this chandelier I smile so it was definitely worth it.  Amazing how a light fixture can transform a space.

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Faux Roman Shades

My list of home projects I want to tackle is loooooong, and I have a history of starting a project yet never finishing it.  Life has a habit of getting in the way.  It’s because of this that Friday’s finished project is extra exciting for me.  I actually completed something – faux roman shades for the laundry room.  My inspiration was the Evolution of Style Blog’s post about ’em.  She followed the tutorial from Imparting Grace.  Without further ado….

Whoever built this house made it way too narrow but that’s a story for another day.  This window had a valance that I ripped down upon immediately moving in; hence the brackets in the trim.  Note: I was doing laundry during the making of this project.





The window faces trees and bushes so there wasn’t need for privacy.  I selected a window panel at the Ballard Design Outlet for $45.  A little more than I wanted to spend for this project but it was lined.  Since this side faces west, it provides decent sun coverage.  The only other cost was 3 cheap tension rods and no-sew fusing web from Target.  It took maybe 45 minutes from start to finish.  However, I may have been watching TV and doing laundry while doing it.

If you’re looking for a quick, cheap and relatively easy project this weekend I highly recommend the Faux Roman Shade.


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Project #1 – Hardwood Floors (Part 2)

Gosh, life keeps getting in the way of moving out on this blog.  More on that later this week.  It’s time for Part 2 of our first major home renovation.  The messiest and noisiest part of the project was ripping up the porcelain tile.  Our contractors worked incredibly hard at keeping the house as clean as possible during the construction.  They did a phenomenal job cleaning up after themselves each day.

After weighing the options for the type of hardwood, we went with a mix of rift and quarter sawn white oak.  Rift & Quarter Sawn boards have a different look (i.e.  less knots) and more dimensional stability.  They’re created by initially cutting a log into quarters and cutting boards from alternate faces of the wedge.  Since making this type of wood is more time consuming, it certainly comes at a higher cost.

Below are images of the house mid-process.  The bottom right is the unstained wood being installed.

The contractor stained all the floors after it was installed.  Since we were trying to match existing wood banister on our stairs, it made more sense to select a color after installation.  The finished product wound up pretty close to the banisters but not quite exactly.  For now, we’ll live with it.  Here’s a peek at our family room and stairs.


We’re much happier with the warmth of wood on the main flooring.  The only downside is it’s still pretty slippery for the kids and our dog.  I foresee a stair runner in our future for safety reasons.